Our bikes

Borrow our bikes

Borrow our bikes.

If you wish to do some biking & discover the surroundings in the area we know the perfect way, borrow our bikes!
We have 4 bikes at your disposal tah you can use for free.
All bikes are taged seat saying it belongs to unit 310, 404 & 410.
Pinellas Trail, is a bicycle route that stretches 60km and pass by the house. Many people choose to take a  power walk and others go rollerblading on the slower lane at Pinellas trail.

Unfortunately if you want a kids bike, we cant help you, but you can rent one close by. Click here for more info.

Click here to download a map for Pinellas trail.

If you like the nature, you might want to borrow our kayaks as well?

our bikes

Borrow our bikes