Kayaks you may borrow

Kayaks you may borrow.

We have 2 kayaks (2 persons/kayak) at your disposal if you wish explore the waters in the bay and canals.

Depending on the directon you decide to explore, you will see different things. If you stay in the salty waters close to the Gulf, you will encounter pelicans, dolphines and maybe some manetees if you are lucky. If you go upstream (fresh water) under the bridge, you will probably if you are lucky (or unlycky) encounter some gators:) and also some manatees.

The kayaks are next to the pool and the kayak gear is in the nearest storage.
The code to get in is written in your rental contract. When youre inside, look for boxes with our  unit numbers on and there you will find floating vests and other kayak stuff.

The best place to launch the kayaks are next to the bridge about 50 meters away.

Have fun!

A good place to paddle to is the Publuix area if you want to encounter some dolphines.

If you paddle towards Johns Pass, you may see some as well.

For more information about paddeling trails, maps & restaurants,  please follow this link.

Borrow our kayaks

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