online payment

There are 3 ways of paying the rent, through Zelle®, through  PayPal and credit cards.
PayPal payment & information:
Enter your booking ID, your name, email address and the amount you want to pay and click on “Submit / Skicka“.
Now give it a good 2-3 seconds and dont click on anything.
You will be redirected to PayPal where you will have the option to pay through PayPal or with a credit card
such as VISA, Amex or MasterCard.
If you want to pay with a credit card without signing up for a PayPal account, look out for the link saying: Don´t have a PayPal account?, and follow the instructions.

Payment Form / Betalningsformulär

Validating payment information...
Waiting for PayPal... Please dont click or touch anything right now!
Validating payment information...
Waiting for PayPal...

Zelle® Payment:
GET 5% off your total rent when you make the deposit through Zelle®!*
This payment form will exclude any possible PayPal fees.
Zelle® is the most modern and easiest way to make instant and direct deposits only using your email.
You can sign up online in minutes on your online bank.
Our Zelle® email is:

For more information about Zelle or to join, please click this link.